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2019 MiLB Rule Changes Unveiled (continuing story)

(from a continuing story I have been following across baseball, from MLB to MiLB to The Atlantic League of Professional Ball Players)
[additional story and link by Ball Park Digest Editors March 29 2019]

Baseball in its infinite wisdom, continues to incorporate rule changes. First to experiment are teams in The Atlantic League of Professional Ball Players.
Three batter minimum for pitchers (unless it is two outs, pitcher does not have to face two more the next inning), size of bases will go up to 18″, pitchers mound to be moved back two feet, no infield shift, limit of mound visits, possible rob umps to assist umpires. Many fans think this to be a joke. What next? Robo – players, robo umps, rob fans, robo venders?
The Commissioner, Rob Manfred, does not even seem to care and expressed that is why it is starting out in the Atlantic League, when asked by Michael Kay pertaining to pitchers possibly getting injured.
Not it appears that Minor League Baseball will be incorporating some or all of those experimental rule changes.
In a recent article by Ball Park Digest (a very good e-zine by the way), mentioned that thee will be a small twist to their experimental rule changes in each of the different levels in Double A and Triple A leagues. Unlike the Atlantic league, Minor league will make a revision to the Extra Inning Runner on Second Base rule, unlike the Atlantic League, which at this time remains as it is like previous seasons.

For more information you can visit Ballpark Digest:

This link is directly from MiNOR League Baseball:

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