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Ed Benguiat, a Master of Typography, Is Dead at 92

Noted and world famous typographer, Ed Benguiat passed on at 92. He was an icon the typography and graphic design industry, creating typeface for many big corporations, companies and other areas of art.

Here is a link, on this story from the New York Times:

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The graphic designer Ed Benguiat in an undated photo. “The most beautiful thing in the world,” he once said, “is a blank piece of paper.”Credit…Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives/Visual Arts Foundation ©2020 New York Times

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’70 yankees 2nd to none! Bombers finished behind Orioles, but it was start of a rebirth in Bronx

Here is an interesting article about the 1970 Yankees from New York Daily News. The article was written by Robert Dominguez of the daily News.
It was an interesting article of what is considered to be part of the “Dry Years” for the New York Yankees, even with some of the good talent that the team had during that year.–hdJEHorSl0YIEnt4Mo1i8GrlF0GWspGPU80xYqS2z-N2mmz0

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Whitey Ford, the Yankees’ famous ‘Chairman of the Board,’ dies at age 91

Baseball legend and New York Yankee Great has passed on.
“The Chairman of the Board” as he was called was 91.

More of the story from The New York Daily News:

From The New York Times:

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More strange happenings in the world of Independent Leagues and MLB:

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Atlantic League Designated Partner League of MLB

New news from The Atlantic League Of Professional Baseball and Major League Baseball about a joint venture. It started last year with some rule tests, such as Automated Ball Strike System (aka RoboUmp), among other new tests.
Further discussions between the two leagues continue to move forward. While it appears there are a few positive aspects on this, some fans continue to speculate on this, some for some against.
I’ll let you make your own opinions about this.

For more information on this you can visit these sites:

Atlantic League Of Professional Baseball:

Ballpark Digest:

MLB Trade Rumors:

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Baseball card apps bring a classic hobby into the digital age

This article on Mashable was very interesting, regarding baseball trading cards in the new era of the digital age.
It was quite fascinating, with some historical information, then leading into how the digital world is with trading card collectables/memorabilia.

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Recent Memorabilia Images

I don’t have to go into detail about the last several months. They were stressful enough for everyone.

Aside from seeking more work, I did manage my free time wisely. Busy assisting around the house, basic chores and my memorabilia.
It has been a fun journey chatting with a good friend of mine about collectables and memorabilia, mostly around baseball.

This is the collection thus far. I hope everyone can share what they have been doing as a hobby to release some stress.

All images and collectables/memorabilia ©2020 Louis Abbatepaolo

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Dark Clouds of 2020

While looking at some Atlantic League stats and Long Island Ducks stats, there came an eerie feeling when I noticed the line for 2020. A simple sentence “cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic”. While this nothing new over the last several months, it just seemed so strange not to be able to attend any of my favorite teams games nor participate in other events and normal life situations.
Hoping for a better tomorrow and a brighter future!

2018 The Long Island Ducks hosted the Atlantic League All-Star Game
2019 The Long Island Ducks celebrated their 20th Anniversary as a team in The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball and won the Atlantic League Championship, beating Sugar Land Skeeters 3 games to 2 in a best of 5 series. The Long Island Ducks won their fourth championship title in 2019.
2020 The year without baseball
Basic information about the Long Island Ducks
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More from The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

The Atelier with Alina Cho: Bethann Hardison, Naomi Campbell, and Iman

The Metropolitan Museum of Art continues to bring art lovers more exciting exhibits.
Those who happen to be in the area can find some very interesting works of art there.
For more information about the current events there can go to this link: