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Hi everyone.

Anyone in the Philadelphia area might enjoy watching some Tall Ships sail the Delaware River on Memorial Day weekend. I wish I could have gone because it looks so interesting.

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Old Time Baseball Featuring The Brooklyn Atlantics

Since its inception in the 1800’s, baseball has been a favorite of the old and young for over a century. It has been dream of many young kids to grow to play in the big leagues. There were many rule changes and many players. Baseball itself has basically remained unchanged, as far as play goes.

Are there many who would enjoy seeing old time baseball? Well, there certainly is. Established in 1997, The Brooklyn Atlantics has been around the old time circuit, the original team was formed in 1855 in real time play. Todays league and teams are a representation of what once was.

Today, life has been brought back to that wonderful era. For more information on that team and the league, please visit them at:©2018 Photo by Iron Diamond Photography

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Bud Harrelson Appreciation Night Set For August 3, 2018

buddy2Local legend and Long Island Favorite Buddy Harrelson will be honored on August 3 2018.

The Long Island Ducks will hold a very special event for Long Island’s Favorite Sports Celebrity at Bethpage Ballpark in Central Islip, NY. Along with his number being retired permanently, there will be guest speakers and some words from the Local Legend prior to the start of the game.

All those who wish to attend the game and find out more information can go to:

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Long Island Ducks Fan Fest

Today, the Long Island Ducks held their Sixth Annual Fan Fest. The annual event is the franchises way of say thank you to all their loyal fans throughout the seasons. Their was a special BBQ for season ticket holders, games and activities for the kids and a special introduction to the 2018 Long Island Ducks. This annual exhibition game is a fun activity for all fans of all ages.

The Ducks played The New Britain Bees and were led by former NY Met Wally Backman! It was great seeing him again in NY. The Ducks won the game 6-2 and gave all their players a chance to show their skills in the batters box and on the field.

The Ducks will play The Long Island Black Sox on Monday at 1p.m.

For more information about todays game and the regular season you can go to

It was a fun day at Bethpage Ballpark in Central Islip, NY. 20180421_12495320180421_12581920180421_13095920180421_13372820180421_14154720180421_14205820180421_144520.jpg20180421_130626.jpg

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Long Island Ducks Spring Training from Quack Of The Bat on their WordPress site.


The Long Island Ducks officially began their spring training workouts on Monday in advance of the 2018 All-Star Summer, presented by Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center. Despite inclement weather preventing the team from doing much in the way of outdoor activities, position players did take the first swings in the team’s batting cage while pitchers […]


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Long Island Ducks Spring Training Games


Anyone on Long Island in interested in local baseball this year, here is a complete list of spring training games for the Long Island Ducks for 2018. The regular season starts on April 27, 2018 against The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs at Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf, Maryland and the Home Opener at Bethpage Ballpark in Central Islip NY is on May 4, 2018 vs The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.

The article itself is very good and gives insight of what is yet to be for the Long Island Ducks. You can also view other Ducks information at that link below. I believe it will be a very exciting year for The Long Island Ducks.


Long Island Ducks website

Quack of The Bat (WordPress)



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Baseball 2018

Hi everyone! Baseball is underway for the 2018 season and is something enjoyed by people coast to coast in the USA. There are fans that also follow from around the world, due to the The Internet. I hope everyone enjoys the information and has a wonderful summer of baseball!

I thought these links would be fun for everyone to view.  They are teams I am interested in. Check out the links to see when and where each team is playing!


The Long Island Ducks – 3 time Atlantic League Champions! The Long Island Ducks are an American professional baseball team based in Central Islip, New York. They are a member of the Liberty Division of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball

Visit the Long Island Ducks at


The Brooklyn Cyclones – The Brooklyn Cyclones are a minor league baseball team based in Brooklyn, New York that plays in the Short-Season A classification New York–Penn League , affiliated with the New York Mets.


The Wilmington Blue Rocks – The Wilmington Blue Rocks are a Minor League Baseball team located in Wilmington, Delaware. The Blue Rocks play in the Northern Division of the Carolina League

Visit The Blue Rocks at


The Richmond Flying Squirrels – The Richmond Flying Squirrels are a Minor League Baseball team based in Richmond, Virginia. The team, which is a part of the Eastern League, is the Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants major league club, and plays at The Diamond. The Squirrels were previously known as the Connecticut Defenders.

Visit The Flying Squirrels at


The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball – The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball is a professional, independent baseball league located primarily in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States, especially the greater metropolitan areas of the Northeast megalopolis, with one team located in Texas. League offices are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Visit the Atlantic League at

Other Interesting Information from The Baseball Almanac:


Minor League Baseball Almanac


Major League Baseball Almanac


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Support for A friend with pancreatitis

Hello everyone. I have a very good friend, named Celeste who suffers from pancreatitis and she is in desperate need of assistance. As you may know, pancreatitis is a deadly illness that affects thousands of people each year. 

Celeste is having trouble eating right, due to the illness and not being able to afford the correct medications (enzyme meds, pain relief meds) and not able to pay the ever high cost of medical bills (doctor visits, hospital visits, getting transportation to and from medical visits). She is also having trouble with food bills. Being on a much different diet then the average person, she can only eat certain foods due to the illness. 

This is all affecting her mentally as well due to the stress. I am there as much as possible, driving often down the East coast to assist her. While you don’t have to take the drive, maybe you can take the time to donate a few dollars when you can! This would be greatly appreciated by Celeste.

Thank you all for your time! Please pass on this information to assist someone in need. Remember, Spring time is a time of Life and Celebration! Please help Celeste!

Those that wish to help can contribute here: copy

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Four Notable Major League Players in The Atlantic League of Professional Ball Players by jdelpriore1

By Jerry Del Priore As I previously noted in a past article, the independent Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB) is a great place for players who are seeking a crack at an affiliated MLB organization. Sometimes, however, ex-major leaguers find themselves in the Atlantic League, looking to play their way back to “The Show.” […]

you can find the full story via Four Notable Former Major Leaguers in the Independent Atlantic League — Brooklyn Sports World

(©2018 jdelpriore1)