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Remembering Jack The Dog

It is with deepest sadness I announce the passing of Jack The Dog. My friend had to put him down on December 3, 2018.
He was a wonderful dog, so happy, so uplifting. He was a little over 15 and a half years old, when age crept up on him and seizures became more frequent. After the last seizure, my friend realized, it was time. She felt the need to just end his agony, it was for the best.
Jack was such a wonderful dog with a great attitude. A loyal companion, happy go lucky.
I remember many a time we would walk for hours, each time he was smiling away the time. It was so special. He was such a comfort to be around. It is amazing how much love can be shared between that Special Dog and the people in his life.
Rest in peace Jack. We loved you dearly and I know you loved “Mom” and I very much.

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Wally Backman New Manager of The Long Island Ducks

There’s a new manager in town. His name is Wally Backman and he is now Officially the new manager of the Long Island Ducks. It was announced this morning by the Long island Ducks.

For more information go to the Long Island Ducks website. Welcome aboard Mr. Backman!

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Kevin Baez, former Manager of the Long Island Ducks on to new sites!

The Rockland Boulders announced a new manager today. His name, Kevin Baez. He managed the Long Island Ducks . {from the boulders website} “He managed 1,087 games with the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League over the last eight seasons, posting a 571-516 record with two league titles (2012 and 2013) and six trips to the championship series, including each of the past the three seasons.”  The Long Island Ducks will announce on Wednesday, Nov. 28 2018 a new manager.

For more information about this story you can read it on the Boulders website.

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Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee Dead at 95

For those who lived on Marvel Comic books as a kid, you would know Stan Lee. A legend before his time, passed away at 95.

He was an idol to many for the wonderful graphics and stories of the super heroes we came to know and love (or despise as the case may be: villains we loved to hate).

A sad day indeed. Rest in peace, Stan Lee!


Here is a link from The New York Post for more about the story:

Link from Associated Press:



New York

“New York City owns a creepy island that almost no one is allowed to visit — here’s what it’s like”

This is something interesting, that most New Yorkers are not even aware of. I never knew either about these two almost unknown islands in New York.

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Thurman Munson

Hello everyone. I thought this might be an interesting link for fans of former New York Yankee Great, Thurman Munson. As some of you might know, Thurman Munson has not been elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. It is quite interesting with all his above average statistics, he was never elected. He is my favorite baseball player.



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Celeste is one of those individuals with that deadly illness and is suffering horribly.
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