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2019 MiLB Rule Changes Unveiled (continuing story)

(from a continuing story I have been following across baseball, from MLB to MiLB to The Atlantic League of Professional Ball Players)
[additional story and link by Ball Park Digest Editors March 29 2019]

Baseball in its infinite wisdom, continues to incorporate rule changes. First to experiment are teams in The Atlantic League of Professional Ball Players.
Three batter minimum for pitchers (unless it is two outs, pitcher does not have to face two more the next inning), size of bases will go up to 18″, pitchers mound to be moved back two feet, no infield shift, limit of mound visits, possible rob umps to assist umpires. Many fans think this to be a joke. What next? Robo – players, robo umps, rob fans, robo venders?
The Commissioner, Rob Manfred, does not even seem to care and expressed that is why it is starting out in the Atlantic League, when asked by Michael Kay pertaining to pitchers possibly getting injured.
Not it appears that Minor League Baseball will be incorporating some or all of those experimental rule changes.
In a recent article by Ball Park Digest (a very good e-zine by the way), mentioned that thee will be a small twist to their experimental rule changes in each of the different levels in Double A and Triple A leagues. Unlike the Atlantic league, Minor league will make a revision to the Extra Inning Runner on Second Base rule, unlike the Atlantic League, which at this time remains as it is like previous seasons.

For more information you can visit Ballpark Digest:

This link is directly from MiNOR League Baseball:

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More News on Rule Changes of the Atlantic League of Professional Ball Players

Latest information on the recent rule changes of The Atlantic League of Professional Ballplayers has mixed emotions and feelings from around the baseball world.

From Beyond The Boxscore (article by Matt Provenzano March 11, 2019)

From My Central Jersey (part 2 article by Mike Ashmore March 11, 2019)

From The Orange County Register (article by J.P. HoornStra March 8, 2019)

There have been many mixed emotions on the recent implementation to take place this year. This is considered en experiment for the Atlantic League, while Major League Baseball has yet to consider incorporating any of the changes, over the three year experimental rules.
The pace of play, such as between inning activities and trips to the mound are the most legitimate. The three hour games seem to a bit much for most fans and many would like to see shorter games, spanning the 2 – 2.5 hour mark. The other changes seem a bit off the mark, such as moving the mound back (owners, manager/coaches and players think this to put more of a strain on pitchers arms and style of play and will enhance batting averages), larger bases (this writer does not see how this will enhance the game at all) and preventing infielder shifts (sort of takes away from the defensive strategy, MLB seems to believe this will enhance batting averages). As for the rest of the rule changes, such as mound visits and pitchers facing at least 3 batters (unless there are already 2 outs, from what is understood the pitcher does not have to come back the next inning for face the other 2 batters), this seems ambiguous. Managers and players will pretty much have to change the way they view the game in the traditional sense and come up with alternatives to how they approach the entire game itself.
Any opinions or views on this topic? Please feel free to comment.

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Remembering Jack The Dog

It is with deepest sadness I announce the passing of Jack The Dog. My friend had to put him down on December 3, 2018.
He was a wonderful dog, so happy, so uplifting. He was a little over 15 and a half years old, when age crept up on him and seizures became more frequent. After the last seizure, my friend realized, it was time. She felt the need to just end his agony, it was for the best.
Jack was such a wonderful dog with a great attitude. A loyal companion, happy go lucky.
I remember many a time we would walk for hours, each time he was smiling away the time. It was so special. He was such a comfort to be around. It is amazing how much love can be shared between that Special Dog and the people in his life.
Rest in peace Jack. We loved you dearly and I know you loved “Mom” and I very much.

pancreatitis, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Donations for a worthy cause are greatly appreciated.


Pancreatitous affects many people in many ways. It is a horrible, deadly illness that affects every aspect of a persons life.
Celeste is one of those individuals with that deadly illness and is suffering horribly.
There is hope. With each dollar raised we reach our goal of combating this drastic sickness. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 1.32.50 PM

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Authors I enjoy.

Here are some links to authors I enjoy.  Lovecraft and Poe are similar, while Brautigan is a totally different genre of writing. There were many times I would spend an hour or two reading their works or listening to them on audio books, via the internet.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Edgar Allan Poe Museum (Richmond, Virginia)

Edgar Allan Poe Museum (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Edgar Allan Poe Museum (Baltimore, Maryland)

Richard Brautigan-writer, author, poet

H.P. Lovecraft

Brookhaven Pennsylvania, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, pancreatitis, Pennsylvania

Support For Pancreatitis

It’s a shame that people can suffer so much from pancreatitis, yet there are those amongst us that do. Celeste is one of them. She has been suffering for years with it and the pain from it is hurting her very much. The stress created by high costs of medication and doctor and hospital bills, that she is nearly broke. What little she is getting barely covers her expenses.
Yet with your loving donations, there is hope. Only through donations like yours, she can pull through this.

A warm and heartfelt thank you to Louis Malfi for being a donator. He brought a huge smile to an otherwise sad and depressed individual.

Your love and concerns matter. Please donate what you can, when you can.

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My regular WordPress site


This is an area pf personal interests. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Fourth of July, 2018

The United States of America celebrated it’s birthday 242 this year. Many areas of the country celebrated with style in their own way. Amongst all the celebration were parades, Barbecues and of course fireworks.

This year was something a little different for me. While visiting a very good friend in Pennsylvania, I had mentioned that The Philadelphia Phillies were playing at home and she suggested I go since I had never seen that Major League team play before. Having been in Philadelphia before for the huge parade (the best I have ever seen in my life and still the best Fourth of July Celebration I have ever had), I jumped at the opportunity to enjoy this country’s national past time. After the game, my friend was up to heading over to an area by her to watch some fire works. We enjoyed them very much and she was very grateful we went to see that many fascinating colors and sounds of the fireworks.

The day started off at Citizens Bank Ball Park, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and  the ballpark is outstanding in many ways. The architecture is stunning. With a modern style, the venue is attractive and maintains a sports venue feel, with out being dull at all. Upon entering the gates, there are many areas to eat before you enter the seating area. I just had to have a Philly Cheese Steak. I love them! I stopped at Tony Luke’s, placed my order and enjoyed the sandwich very much! The traditional Cheez Wiz topping enhanced the flavor (yes folks you read it correctly, Cheez Wiz).

Upon entering the seating area, I was awed at its beauty. Over looking the outfield, one could literally sit at a counter, which was right at the outfield wall, eat and enjoy all the action. Traversing through the rest of the stadium, I liked the way all the concession stands were set up and arranged throughout each section. It was set up very well, where the fans could shop for souvenirs, get a bite to eat or just hang around a talk baseball. There was even an elevator to make it easier for the fans to go up and down each section without having to walk all the stairs.

Something else made me realize how good the event was. The price. I almost could not believe it. The section I sat in was very reasonably priced. The tickets for that section were only $38 and a little more if you ordered online. No big deal to me, as tix for a major league sport in my area would have been a lot more. The parking fee was even less of a big deal at $18. The cost of the souvenirs were competitive to other sports teams I have seen in the major and independent leagues. If you shop around, you might even catch a sale at a game like I did. Another aspect of the game were the fans. Philadelphia should be proud of its people. I understand that there are good and bad folks in The City of Brotherly Love, yet there are good and bad people all over the planet. Philadelphians are of a good nature, friendly and take their sports seriously, yet not serious enough to get really tight nor obtrusive towards others, at least that is what I experienced. The Philadelphia fans of a competitive nature, yet one won’t want to talk ill of any team in that area without getting a little feedback.

I am happy that I went and had the second best Fourth of July in my life, for two reasons. The first was spending time with my best friend Celeste and the second was enjoy Phillies Baseball.20180704_14210120180704_18424520180704_17061120180704_15515220180704_14225520180704_18435320180704_14191520180704_18434220180704_14014820180704_14005120180704_13523420180704_13515720180704_13500820180704_134837

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Campaign for Donations

Hi folks

I don’t normally post things like this, yet I felt compelled to post it.

My friend is suffering from pancreatitis and is suffering in all areas of life.

Her health is deteriorating, her medical bills and other bills are piling up due to medical bills and it is also affecting her mental health.

Please help. Any donation would be greatly appreciated.


dsc_44663-copyYou can visit the link below to assist.