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Abstract 62

Abstract 62

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Art, graphic design, Long Island, Louis Abbatepaolo, New York, Poetry

Blood Wolf Moon Tonight!

Tonight there is supposed to be a blood moon.
For those interested you can visit this site:

I created this image last year and had thought it fit the situation.
The actual design was based on the poet Audrey Michelle, whose intelligent prose and words of wisdom have inspired me to create other works for her, specifically her poetry.

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Marketing and promotion of your business is as important as the job itself and what better way to get your name out, then having an ample supply of marketing materials. Business cards, mailer cards, flyer/sell sheets, lawn signs, banners can have a very positive impact to keep your company at the top of your customers list.

Personal Needs

Having an event or party? Special designs to celebrate an event or signify an achievement can enhance your needs. Whether it is an invitation/announcement, a salutation board, poetry set to fine art, graduation announcements/invitations, keepsake/memory book or vacation book make those moments memorable and have them created as soon as possible. Make those moments last a lifetime.
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The Atlantic League of Professional Ball Players has adopted the extra-inning tiebreaker rule

Here it is, straight from the Atlantic League of Professional Ball Players, regarding the extra inning tiebreaker rule.

There were many related leagues that have incorporated this rule across the USA.

To read more about this big change, visit the Atlantic League Of Professional Ball Players at: