A little about me

Hello and welcome.

Coming from a small community on Long Island, I have taken interest in activities like graphic design/photography, Long Island Ducks/Wilmington Blue Rocks/Richmond Flying Squirrels/Brooklyn Cyclones baseball. I enjoyed traveling to Philadelphia PA and Richmond Virginia. It has been fun to partake in such wonderful situations like that. The rich culture of those areas, activities and the thrill of the baseball games has been a wonderful experience.

Visiting Philly and Richmond enhanced my learning of the  history of those cities. My two friends and I enjoyed time well spent visiting different areas of the two cites and surrounding areas. We had a large amount of fun seeing different things. There were many interesting places to see.

This site contains mostly art that I created for personal reasons. I enjoy learning new things in the art world, specifically in graphic design and photography, yet am interested in many other mediums that strike an interest.

There are also posts about my collectables/memorabilia once in a while. I started that in September 2019. The collection consists mostly baseball items from The Long Island Ducks, some Brooklyn Cyclones and a little of The Richmond Flying Squirrels and Wilmington Blue Rocks. As I collect items, images will be posted.

You are invited to enjoy and comment on my site. I hope you enjoy what you see.

All images copyright©2007-2022 LA Photography/Graphic Design


5 thoughts on “A little about me”

  1. Poor marketing strategy on your part. You do not know how to tactfully approach potential clients and you sound very insulting, as if you are the only one who has excellent design and talent in the industry. You sound as if you are telling potential clients they are losers or they don’t have what it takes.
    Please do not bother me with your tactics.
    Go back to school and take some more classes on how to deal with people properly.


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