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Ducks hold Trophy Celebration at Bethpage Ballpark, Central Islip NY

About 100 Long Island Ducks fans attended a celebration on Tuesday October 8, 2019 to commemorate their fourth championship win. Attending the event were Founder/CEO Frank Boulton, President/GM Michael Pfaff, Manager Wally Backman, Outfielder and Hitting Coach Lew Ford, Baseball Legend Bud Harrelson, Pitchers Rob Rogers, Felix Carvallo, Anderson DeLeon and Brandon Sherman, and Catcher Nick Garland. Hosting the event was Michael Polak, Director of Media Relations & Broadcasting .
The question and answer session consisted of moments during their 20th Anniversary Season and the drive to the title “Accomplish The Mission!”.
Wally Backman (team manager), Frank Boulton (Founder/CEO) and Michael Pfaff (President/GM) all expressed how proud they were of the team overall during the season and the motivation that led them to “Accomplish The Mission!”. Wally Backman rememberd how at the beginning of the season, he mentioend to Mr. Boulton how “We’re going to win this whole thing, fortunately we did”. Backman also brouhg up that this year marks [about] the seventh championship season he had experienced and was happy he was able bring in his years of experience to a very experienced team.
While the team did lost around 10-15 players to major and minor league teams, the central core of the team maintained it’s motivation throughout the year. This is real good, considering how teams can change roster almost at a moments notice and have the roster change almost on a daily basis. Mr. Backman is lookg forward to another year in 2020 and working with the team again.
Also in attendance was home town favorite Buddy Harrelson. His appearance was well received with the fans, as they cheered “Buddy, Buddy!!” as he walked to the interview area to his seat.
Fans in attendance seemed to have enjoyed themselves very much. They cheered each player/staff member as they entered and there was a positive vibe throughout the evening.
The trophy is back home. As for next season, one never knows!

Long Island Ducks on the web:

Fans enjoying a wonderful celebration at Bethpage Ballpark, Home of The Long Island Ducks

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