The Captain And Me written by Ron Blomberg

Growing up in a typical American suburb neighborhood, baseball was as much a part of life as anything else going on. My family loved the New YorkYankees, Thurman Munson, the Yankee Captain, was my favorite player. Nearly every day, box scores and standings checked, games watched, playing baseball, making pretend we were our favorite player. It was so much fun!

Over the years, things changed, lives move on and something catches your attention. Recently, the American Leagues first designated hitter, Ron Blomberg, wrote a book about his experience as a baseball player and one of his teammates, Thurman Munson, titled The Captain And Me. It describes his life in baseball and his friendship with the Yankee Captain, as well as other experiences in baseball. Many players meet and play together, yet few are truly real friends.

While I have yet to indulge in the book, since I received it a short time before this post, it did get some very good reviews. My autographed copy is ready to captivate my mind and bring me into the realm of my favorite sport.

For more information check out the The Captain And Me at this website: https://ronblombergyankees.com/

C 2021 Ron Blomberg
C 2021 Ron Blomberg
Yankee Captain, Thurman Munson
New York Yankees player, Ron Blomberg, the first designated hitter in baseball history.

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