Long Island Baseball

The start of Spring is nearly upon us. That means beautiful weather, being out doors and of course baseball!

The Long Island Ducks opened the ticket booths on Saturday March 18 2017. The tickets are now available to the public.

I purchased my ticket for opening day on April 28, 2017. Game time starts at 6:35 p.m.

The roar of the crowd, the thrill and chills of each player batting or fielding, the smell of the ball park. The sights and sounds are quite an experience. I cannot explain the fascination and love of the game, it just gets in a persons blood, it becomes part of them from a young age. It is something that is better explained by encounter with the game. This is what makes it great and part of The American Dream.

For information about the Long Island Ducks, visit them on the web: http://liducks.com/home/


Long Island Ducks Job Fair

The cold weather reared its ugly head, as people filed into Bethpage Ball Park for the Long Island Ducks Annual Job Fair. A friendly staff greeted potential candidates with a warm smile and cheerful greeting.

This candidate was the second to be interviewed of the possible 50 folks that had shown up early and present their best for the many positions available. It looked very hopeful at the interview. The person I spoke with remembered me from attending many games during the last few years. He mentioned there is a very good chance I was going to be hired and he would put my application at the top of the pile to the person he was passing the information to.

Getting this position would be wonderful for two reasons. The first being I could always use the extra money and second job. The second is that I would really like to work for this baseball club. Baseball for me is part of the American Dream, as sweet as apple pie and working for an organization with a winning attitude and 3 championship titles and eleven division berths.

The warmth felt this morning took the bitter chill out of my bones.


Summer Fun, Soon To Come


Winter is in full swing. It’s not one of my favorite of the four seasons. How does one stay upbeat and warm?

Well, Summer is but four months away, it is easy. Time with my friend in PA and of course very locally, Long Island Ducks Baseball, Good Times, Every Time!

The Long Island Ducks


Atlantic League Unveils 20th Anniversary Logo

For those of you who enjoy following baseball, and teams in The Atlantic League of American Baseball Players, I thought many of you would enjoy this post.

Atlantic League LogoPRESS RELEASE – The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB) today unveiled a brand new logo to celebrate the league’s 20th Anniversary Season in 2017. The logo will be featured on team communications, apparel, merchandise and equipment throughout the course of the year.

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Long Island Ducks

The Long Island Ducks take on The Somerset Patriots at Bethpage Ball Park today at 5:05. This is the third game of a three game series. Thus far, The Ducks have taken 2 out of 2 games. This is a good feat, as the Patriots are a very tough team to beat and have had several excellent teams over the years. The Ducks and Patriots usually are battling it out for first place in their division. It makes for an exciting game.IMG_20150503_150704