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Long Island Ducks SGA bobblehead. Early to mid 2000’s Stadium Giveaway. Quackerjack is the Ducks mascot. Bobbleheads have been a creative item to collect for decades.

Baseball, Leisure, New York, sports, Summer Fun

Cooperstown National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Cooperstown NY

Baseball and summer are major sources of enjoyment for many people across the globe. While many are disappointed about not being able to attend baseball games, there are things to do to still be able to enjoy the sport.

There is a special place in Cooperstown New York, that many know of. It’s a national shrine to thousands of people, Cooperstown National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

During a recent visit there, which at 58 years old was my very first time there, I was amazed, thrilled, mesmerized by the amount of collectables, memorabilia and artifacts there. Collections ranging from the 1800’s to present day filled up nearly every available space. Stephen C. Clark was the key activist in establishing and founding the Hall of Fame, after asking then National League President Ford C. Frick. Clarks concepts and ideals were welcome and in 1936, the very inaugural class was inducted, consisting of Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner were elected. The rest is history.

It was an incredible journey, seeing signed contracts, hand written document in scorebooks by the press, various equipment from signifigant moment like Hank Aarons baseballs706 through his home run breaking record of 715. Various uniforms of an era were there, the press and media had a section of popular and now famous sports casters from various periods of the game, baeball trading cards, promotional give-aways, players from the Negro leagues and Latin Leagues were also recognized. There was also a sectin of modern days, where the MLB and Atlantic League of Professional Baseball worked together on experimental rule changes. The ear piece worn by home plate umpire Fred DeJesus, where a computer generated umpire known as “Robo Ump” [Automated Ball Strike System (ABS). ABS uses a 3D computer algorithm to call balls and strikes and sends that call to a computer that signals the home plate umpire] called balls and strikes, letting the home plate umpire know what call to make, accordingly. The other item on display was Tony Thomas’ of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs cleats, another rule that the Atlantic League tested for the MLB allows players to steal first base on a wild pitch or passed ball., the batter could take a chance to steal first. Tony Thomas was successful in stealing first, becoming the very first player to do so. Being from Long island and a fan of the Atlantic League, it was a special moment to see those items on display and having seen the Robo Ump game. Artists were also represented with creative renderings done in oils, guache and other mediums. The All American Girls Professional Baseball League was also represented.

There are so many other collectables of the museum, it would fill much more then I could possibly list here. It was a wonderful opportunity to recapture summer days of my youth and learn so much more then I could have ever imagined. I look forward to going there again.

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