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Home Run Derby July 11, 2018

In addition to some spectacular events and an outstanding showcase of stars, there will be a home run derby prior to the game.

For more information go to:



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The Fourth of July, 2018

The United States of America celebrated it’s birthday 242 this year. Many areas of the country celebrated with style in their own way. Amongst all the celebration were parades, Barbecues and of course fireworks.

This year was something a little different for me. While visiting a very good friend in Pennsylvania, I had mentioned that The Philadelphia Phillies were playing at home and she suggested I go since I had never seen that Major League team play before. Having been in Philadelphia before for the huge parade (the best I have ever seen in my life and still the best Fourth of July Celebration I have ever had), I jumped at the opportunity to enjoy this country’s national past time. After the game, my friend was up to heading over to an area by her to watch some fire works. We enjoyed them very much and she was very grateful we went to see that many fascinating colors and sounds of the fireworks.

The day started off at Citizens Bank Ball Park, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and  the ballpark is outstanding in many ways. The architecture is stunning. With a modern style, the venue is attractive and maintains a sports venue feel, with out being dull at all. Upon entering the gates, there are many areas to eat before you enter the seating area. I just had to have a Philly Cheese Steak. I love them! I stopped at Tony Luke’s, placed my order and enjoyed the sandwich very much! The traditional Cheez Wiz topping enhanced the flavor (yes folks you read it correctly, Cheez Wiz).

Upon entering the seating area, I was awed at its beauty. Over looking the outfield, one could literally sit at a counter, which was right at the outfield wall, eat and enjoy all the action. Traversing through the rest of the stadium, I liked the way all the concession stands were set up and arranged throughout each section. It was set up very well, where the fans could shop for souvenirs, get a bite to eat or just hang around a talk baseball. There was even an elevator to make it easier for the fans to go up and down each section without having to walk all the stairs.

Something else made me realize how good the event was. The price. I almost could not believe it. The section I sat in was very reasonably priced. The tickets for that section were only $38 and a little more if you ordered online. No big deal to me, as tix for a major league sport in my area would have been a lot more. The parking fee was even less of a big deal at $18. The cost of the souvenirs were competitive to other sports teams I have seen in the major and independent leagues. If you shop around, you might even catch a sale at a game like I did. Another aspect of the game were the fans. Philadelphia should be proud of its people. I understand that there are good and bad folks in The City of Brotherly Love, yet there are good and bad people all over the planet. Philadelphians are of a good nature, friendly and take their sports seriously, yet not serious enough to get really tight nor obtrusive towards others, at least that is what I experienced. The Philadelphia fans of a competitive nature, yet one won’t want to talk ill of any team in that area without getting a little feedback.

I am happy that I went and had the second best Fourth of July in my life, for two reasons. The first was spending time with my best friend Celeste and the second was enjoy Phillies Baseball.20180704_14210120180704_18424520180704_17061120180704_15515220180704_14225520180704_18435320180704_14191520180704_18434220180704_14014820180704_14005120180704_13523420180704_13515720180704_13500820180704_134837

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Campaign for Donations

Hi folks

I don’t normally post things like this, yet I felt compelled to post it.

My friend is suffering from pancreatitis and is suffering in all areas of life.

Her health is deteriorating, her medical bills and other bills are piling up due to medical bills and it is also affecting her mental health.

Please help. Any donation would be greatly appreciated.


dsc_44663-copyYou can visit the link below to assist.

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2 weeks until the 2018 Atlantic League All-Star Game, hosted by The Long Island Ducks

There are many wonderful things to do in the summer. Baseball is one of them. The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Players is having its 19th All-Star Game in two weeks.

This years host will be The Long Island Ducks. It will be the event of the year for many baseball fans throughout Long Island, especially Duck fans. Many exciting things will be happening at the game! The Home Run Derby will start off the event, with many of the leagues best players stepping up to the plate to show their talent at hitting the long ball. Also included in the All-Star game will be Bucket Ruckus and Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act to entertain the crowd at the midsummer classic. An outstanding fireworks show will be presented after the game. Other activities will be the usual between inning excitement, wich is very entertaining.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

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2018 Atlantic League All-Star Game In 3 Weeks

The 2018 Atlantic League All-Star game, hosted by The Long Island Ducks, is 3 weeks away. It is one of the premier events of the summer.

The Long Island Ducks recently announced that the gates will open at Five O’clock, followed by the Home Run Derby, with game time at 6:35 p.m. There will also be two special events: The Skillville Group’s highly acclaimed new act “Bucket Ruckus” and “Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act”.

Many of the league stars will shine that night, performing at peak performance.

To vote for your All-Star team from the Liberty and Freedom Division, visit The Long Island Ducks at

You can also read more about the special performances at

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Long Island Ducks All Star Summer

The summer of 2018 will hold many exciting events for many people, especially Long Island Ducks fans.

The Long Island Ducks will hold this years All Star Game. Many players from The Liberty and Freedom Divisions will appear in the game. Players can vote for their favorite players here, and tickets are still available for the event.

The All Star Game will be held on July 11, 2018 at 6:35 p.m. with the Home Run Derby prior to the game and fireworks afterwards.

The Ducks and their fans make each home game like a family orientated event, by bringing excellent baseball, between inning fan based activities and good comradery. The fan base mingles about anything Ducks, events during their day and events in The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Players. It makes for an interesting day or evening. A person going there will see  many familiar faces, as Ducks fans love being there for the national pastime. Many former Major League baseball players are currently signed throughout The Atlantic League, including the Long Island Ducks.

Anyone interested in attending a Ducks game can go to Those interested in learning more about The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Players can go to