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Poetry Set To Fine Art

Hi everyone. One new designs to show. Written by Audrey Michelle Spoken Word Artist (On LinkedIn:, designed by LA Photography/Graphic Design Your truly)


Art, graphic design, Long Island, Louis Abbatepaolo, New York, Pennsylvania, Poetry

peace poster

I am getting weary of the news and attitudes I see from some people lately. Staying as positive as one can, I thought it would be good to create a poster on what I see, hear, feel. Swaying away from negativity is a good thing and focusing on the positive, even better.

I am ever grateful for my family and my best friend Celeste.


Art, Louis Abbatepaolo, Poetry

Poems set to fine art

Here are a few poems from some time ago. A good friend of mine is a poet and we have been collaborating works together for years. It’s been about 9 years since our first poem designed together. These are just a few I had at hand on the computer and to numerous to post much more. I am grateful to have joined creative forces with a great friend. These poem dates range from 2008-2015, even though we have been creating since 2007 to present day.

Katie L.'s poetry set to art


basement 4.jpg

No Longer Here.jpg



a long distance.jpg

dim and dark.jpg


poem dedicated to mom.jpg


last good bye.jpg

soft moments4.jpg