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Baseball 2022

Hello everyone! Like many fans, I’m looking forward to baseball this year.

What are your thoughts on MLB? Which teams do you follow?

I’m disinterested in MLB, due to the circus environment it created and the lack of affordability. The league I follow is The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, favorite team, the Long Island Ducks in Central Islip NY.

Another league of interest is the newly formed High A, where I go see The Brooklyn Cyclones play in Coney Island, in the Burrough of Brooklyn NY. They are the minor league team of The New York Mets.

Please feel free to comment on this topic. I look forward to hearing from you. Check the schedules, you will enjoy watching live or on the web.

Baseball, Brooklyn Cyclones, Coney Island NY, Minor League Baseball, New York City, Summer Fun

Coney Island Boardwalk

This is the famous Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn NY. The day was very beautiful and enjoyable. I also enjoyed the last game of the 2021 season for the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs
Historic Parachute Jump. No longer used, it’s a landmark for the area
Deno’s Wonder Wheel
Coney Island NY Boardwalk
Coney Island Boardwalk, Coney Island NY
Deno’s Wonder Wheel
Brooklyn Cyclones baseball minor league team of the New York Mets

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MoMA to reopen August 27, 2020

Anyone visiting NYC and has intentions of going to any art museums, MoMA announced it is reopening August 27, 2020.
The link below will also have information on safe visiting, etc…
It might be wise to call ahead for other information or restrictions.

Safety Tips from MoMa:

Main site link for MoMA:

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How do you say goodbye to a building? Remembering four busy years at The Met Breuer.

Here is an interesting article from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
The article is written by Nina Diamondm, Executive Producer and Editorial Manager-Digital Department on August 12, 2020.
I found this to be very well written and a very interesting article. It’s worth reading.

©2020 Metropolitan Museum Of Art

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From MoMA – The Museum from Home: From meditative art to unique playlists

Hello everyone! Best wishes during this pandemic!
I thought this to be of interest for art lovers across the globe.
MoMA, in their e-magazine, has some interesting articles and images for many to enjoy. I thought it to be very worthwhile!

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From MoMA – Virtual Views – Gordon Parks

MoMA has an interesting article on the famous photographer, Gordon Parks. I have enjoyed his works for years. I hope art lovers enjoy this.

Excerpt from my email from MoMA:
“In 1968, Gordon Parks addressed the (mostly white) readers of Life, where he was the magazine’s first African American staff photographer, by stating, “I am you, staring back from a mirror of poverty and despair, of revolt and freedom.… We are not so far apart as it might seem. There is something about both of us that goes deeper than blood or black and white. It is our common search for a better life, a better world…. Look at me. Listen to me. Try to understand my struggle against your racism. There is yet a chance for us to live in peace beneath these restless skies.” 

Parks used his camera to fight injustice and discrimination. For over half a century, from the 1940s to the 2000s, he captured American life with his powerful photographs. In 1957, when television was broadcast in black and white, he created “The Atmosphere of Crime,” a photo story for Life about crime in the US, in vivid color. The images are valuable historical records and unforgettable works of art.”

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Metropolitan Museum of Art reopens on August 29, 2020

Art lovers across New York will enjoy the reopening of The Metropolitan Museum of Art on August 29, 2020.
For more information on the reopening event and other events throughout the museum visit:

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Introducing Art = Discovering Infinite Connections in Art History

This story from the editorial team of the digital department, Art = Discovering Infinite Connections in Art History is based on the most-viewed essays, works of art, and keywords on the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. It features 1000 illustrations, I found this to be an excellent feature on their website.