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Neil Peart, Rush drummer and lyricist, has died at age 67 by LI Cohen January 10, 2020 / 9:25 PM / CBS News

Rock and Roll lost a legend. Neil Peart the world famous drummer from the band Rush lost his battle with brain cancer. The legend was loved by many music fans and mastered the drum kit with phenomenal precision, artistry and talent. I hope he rests in peace.

This is the full article from CBS news:

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50 Years Ago: 1970 in Rock Music

The new year is only two days old. Many people reflect on the previous year and a variety of things.
This reflection is going back fifty years in music. The website Best Classic Bands takes us back to 1970 and the music that made history and wonderful music.

Here is the link:

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Alice's Restaurant – Original 1967 Recording

Hi everyone, I thought this song (a tradition every year and very fitting), since this is a Thanksgiving across the USA.
Arlo Guthries classic song.

Alice’s Restaurant – Original 1967 Recording

Also, here is an excellent article from Rolling Stone Magazine, by Patrick Doyle.

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New Orleans musician Dr. John dies at 77

While driving home yesterday evening, I was saddened to hear the news that legendary musician, Dr. John had passed. His style and talent went unsurpassed, he was truly a great artist.
Prior to a concert I was scheduled to photograph, about 12-13 years ago, I had met him very briefly backstage. He had a genuine, good natured personality, with an immense amount of creativity and musical skill.
Rest in peace Dr. John.

For more news on this sad situation, visit this link:

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The Fab Faux Concert

On Saturday night, my friend and I saw the Fab Faux at The Fillmore in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This was our first time at that venue. My friend say them  seven times and I saw them three times.

What a magical evening. The set list consisted of The Beatles Greatest Hits, spanning the Beatles entire career of one of the worlds greatest of musicians.

Rarely has there been a band that could cover a groups likeness with such impeccable timing, pitch and skill. The Fab Faux could play each song almost as well as The Beatles themselves. The Fab Faux managed to engage the audience very well and the audience was completely captivated by the performance and sang along with the band for almost the entire set. At one point people could be seen dancing on the sides of the stage.

The fun and magic of the Fab Faux and The Beatles continues to survive and entertain audiences of all ages throughout the country.

For those interested in seeing The Fab Faux you can visit them at Remember to get your tickets very early, as The Fab Faux sells out to capacity crowds quickly.





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