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Happy Fourth of July

Today celebrates the 244th Birthday of The United States of America.
Happy Birthday to the USA, I hope everyone has a safe, fun and healthy day!
This is a difficult summer for many and there may be limitations on what you can do or where you can go, check your local area for things to do.
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Atlantic League of Professional Ball Players, Baseball, Jersey Shore, Long Island, Long Island Ducks Baseball, Long Island Events, Louis Abbatepaolo, New York, Pennsylvania, sports, Summer Fun

More News on Rule Changes of the Atlantic League of Professional Ball Players

Latest information on the recent rule changes of The Atlantic League of Professional Ballplayers has mixed emotions and feelings from around the baseball world.

From Beyond The Boxscore (article by Matt Provenzano March 11, 2019)

From My Central Jersey (part 2 article by Mike Ashmore March 11, 2019)

From The Orange County Register (article by J.P. HoornStra March 8, 2019)

There have been many mixed emotions on the recent implementation to take place this year. This is considered en experiment for the Atlantic League, while Major League Baseball has yet to consider incorporating any of the changes, over the three year experimental rules.
The pace of play, such as between inning activities and trips to the mound are the most legitimate. The three hour games seem to a bit much for most fans and many would like to see shorter games, spanning the 2 – 2.5 hour mark. The other changes seem a bit off the mark, such as moving the mound back (owners, manager/coaches and players think this to put more of a strain on pitchers arms and style of play and will enhance batting averages), larger bases (this writer does not see how this will enhance the game at all) and preventing infielder shifts (sort of takes away from the defensive strategy, MLB seems to believe this will enhance batting averages). As for the rest of the rule changes, such as mound visits and pitchers facing at least 3 batters (unless there are already 2 outs, from what is understood the pitcher does not have to come back the next inning for face the other 2 batters), this seems ambiguous. Managers and players will pretty much have to change the way they view the game in the traditional sense and come up with alternatives to how they approach the entire game itself.
Any opinions or views on this topic? Please feel free to comment.

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Ocean City, New Jersey

Summer time means a lot to many people. The lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer. August is usually the dog days.

For my friend and I, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on Monday. We felt like champions. A walk on the beach, a swim in the ocean, a ride on a carousel, good food and wonderful company.

Ocean City has been in New Jersey and is a city in Cape May County, New Jersey. Ocean City originated as a borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on May 3, 1884, from portions of Upper Township, based on results from a referendum on April 30, 1884, and was reincorporated as a borough on March 31, 1890. Ocean City was incorporated as a city, its current government form, on March 25, 1897.[24][25] The city is named for its location on the Atlantic Ocean (,_New_Jersey).

One can truly understand why it is a leading family area on the East Coast of The United States of America. The experiance is what makes it real. The smell of the beach, the ocean, the food from the board walk. A truly refreshing experiance! I am so glad my friend and I went.

Beach, Jersey Shore, Summer Fun

Ocean City, New Jersey

These images are from an Ocean City, NJ trip I took with a friend. It was an excellent way to spend a summers day.

With beautiful beaches, amusement rides, the boardwalk and many eatery’s it is really tough not to have a good time. There is so much to do on the famous Jersey shore that one can spend many days exploring what it has to offer.

I am grateful to have been part of something very exciting!