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Please help a person when you can

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Happy Holidays

Hello everyone. My friend has some serious health issues. Between her pancreatitis and her bi-polar issues, she is struggling to get the medical attention she needs and paying her medical bills, amongst other financial issues that go with that. Those that wish to donate can visit her go-fund-me page. Thank you for your time. Louis

via Fundraiser for my friend Celeste — louis11725

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The Fab Faux Concert

On Saturday night, my friend and I saw the Fab Faux at The Fillmore in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This was our first time at that venue. My friend say them  seven times and I saw them three times.

What a magical evening. The set list consisted of The Beatles Greatest Hits, spanning the Beatles entire career of one of the worlds greatest of musicians.

Rarely has there been a band that could cover a groups likeness with such impeccable timing, pitch and skill. The Fab Faux could play each song almost as well as The Beatles themselves. The Fab Faux managed to engage the audience very well and the audience was completely captivated by the performance and sang along with the band for almost the entire set. At one point people could be seen dancing on the sides of the stage.

The fun and magic of the Fab Faux and The Beatles continues to survive and entertain audiences of all ages throughout the country.

For those interested in seeing The Fab Faux you can visit them at Remember to get your tickets very early, as The Fab Faux sells out to capacity crowds quickly.





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(Please excuse the image quality. Cell phones do not give the highest quality and regular cameras were not allowed)

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Sunoco clears trees, builds drill pads for Mariner East 2 pipeline


I thought this might be of interest. Seems like things are getting pretty intense around this country with all the pipelines roaming around and now even closer to or in peoples backyards.

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4-H Club of Delaware County Summer Fair, Newtown Square PA

A good summer event occurred in Newtown Square Pennsylvania today. The 4-H Club of Delaware County had a wonderful attraction, with entertaining events. This year marks twenty-nine years of 4-H educational programs at the Garrett Williamson Foundation property located at 395 Bishop Hollow Road in Newtown Square. It is also the 104th anniversary of 4-H in Pennsylvania!

Petting stations, horse ride and good old family fun were the main attractions  of the day. During the time I was there, a good crowd showed up, despite the threat of rain and intense heat. It seems like those that showed up had a wonderful time.