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Baseball memorabilia/collectables/hobby

The last year has been one year to remember. I managed to occupy my mind with something different, something out of the ordinary for me.

Hobbies are nothing new nor out of the ordinary for many of us and I took time to experience the wonderful world of collectables and memorabilia. Baseball memorabilia was the central theme. It was the highlight during difficult times.

Much of what I collected, I learned from a good friend. Basic things like what to look for, how to gauge the quality and price of items, a little about bidding or making an offer, and online shopping for what I was looking for. It’s been an amazing journey. I was able to stay within my price range, make interesting purchases and learn a lot about collecting. It’s been much fun as well. That was also key, enjoyment without obsessing or having buyers remorse.

The images posted here are a small part of my collectables. I hope this inspires the reader to enjoy things they like to do during their free time and inspires them to find a positive outlet in their lives.

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Rare Edgar Allan Poe letter sells for over $120,000 at RR Auction By Simon Lindley 2020-10-13 in Just Collecting News

Here is a short article about a letter hand written by Edgar Allan Poe that was auctioned and sold for $120, 000.

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Philadelphia Museum of Art-Claude Monet’s “Japanese Footbridge and the Water Lily Pool, Giverny”

Hello everyone! I thought this might be of interest to art lovers. The Philadelphia Museum of Art did a youtube presentation on Claude Monet. From the post “Often called the Father of Impressionism, Claude Monet inspired the term that defined this movement. Born in Paris, Monet would later live in Giverny, where he purchased a property, planted sprawling gardens, and painted his famous water lilies.”

I hope everyone enjoys this. It was a very good post and very interesting.

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Ed Benguiat, a Master of Typography, Is Dead at 92

Noted and world famous typographer, Ed Benguiat passed on at 92. He was an icon the typography and graphic design industry, creating typeface for many big corporations, companies and other areas of art.

Here is a link, on this story from the New York Times:

Here is another link from youtube:

The graphic designer Ed Benguiat in an undated photo. “The most beautiful thing in the world,” he once said, “is a blank piece of paper.”Credit…Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives/Visual Arts Foundation ©2020 New York Times

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More from The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

The Atelier with Alina Cho: Bethann Hardison, Naomi Campbell, and Iman

The Metropolitan Museum of Art continues to bring art lovers more exciting exhibits.
Those who happen to be in the area can find some very interesting works of art there.
For more information about the current events there can go to this link: