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Baseball memorabilia/collectables/hobby

The last year has been one year to remember. I managed to occupy my mind with something different, something out of the ordinary for me.

Hobbies are nothing new nor out of the ordinary for many of us and I took time to experience the wonderful world of collectables and memorabilia. Baseball memorabilia was the central theme. It was the highlight during difficult times.

Much of what I collected, I learned from a good friend. Basic things like what to look for, how to gauge the quality and price of items, a little about bidding or making an offer, and online shopping for what I was looking for. It’s been an amazing journey. I was able to stay within my price range, make interesting purchases and learn a lot about collecting. It’s been much fun as well. That was also key, enjoyment without obsessing or having buyers remorse.

The images posted here are a small part of my collectables. I hope this inspires the reader to enjoy things they like to do during their free time and inspires them to find a positive outlet in their lives.

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