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2020 Baseball Season for The Long Island Ducks Cancelled

The Long Island Ducks confirmed today that they will not be playing baseball in 2020. They went through every effort and compliance with New York State and Suffolk County rules and regulations due to COVID-19 issues and a decision was reached after last weeks ruling by New York State not to allow fans to attend games. A 25% seating capacity had come to mind for phase 4. No fans, no money, season ended before anything could happen. While some leagues might be able to survive through sponsorship and television revenue, Atlantic League teams cannot. They are 100% reliant on fans at the ballpark.

Some teams in the Atlantic League were able to survive in different leagues, due to different state regulations. While not sanctioned as part of Atlantic League play, teams such as Sugar Land Skeeters, were able to play. The Ducks unfortunately cannot. Many teams in other states had to close the door on the 2020 season, so the Ducks are not alone.
Hopefully, 2021 will bring brighter skies, warm summers days and a lot of baseball.

Here is a link directly from the Long Island Ducks.

For more information on the 2020 season and The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball:


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