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Making use of time with a hobby.

I made some use of my time to take my mind off of this recent pandemic and the stress that goes with it.
Aside from other useful time situations (chores and other life things), I organized some of my collectables.

I set up a little memorabilia section in my room.
from left to right
Ramon Cabrera (catcher for The Long Island Ducks He autographed that image I created for me) Thurman Munson (NY Yankee Catcher and my favorite baseball player) My nephew Chris (from a game he played in as a kid)
Former MLB catcher Ellie Rodriguez now manager of The Road Warriors in The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball
I purchased these baseball cards at a Sports Card and Memorabilia show a couple of months ago
©2020 LA Photography/Graphic Design
©2020 Las Vegas 51’s
I felt creative when the bobblehead I bought arrived

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