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Hobbies, Activities and Other Interests Discussion

Hello everyone,
I wanted to make this post, being curious as to what people are doing during this recent pandemic. Most folks are pretty much staying home, working from home or heading out to work if that is the case.

This post is basically to see what hobbies or other interests people are involved with. Its understandable about folks being stressed or more stressed then usual.
Recently, I have been (other then normal life activities) taking walks, reading and enjoying adding to my baseball collection/memorabilia, creating art.

During the course of about a month or two, I acquired some Long Island Ducks [members of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, Liberty Division 2019 Atlantic League Champions] memorabilia and a Brooklyn Cyclones item [NY-Penn League A-Short Season – McNamara Division affiliated with the New York Mets, 2019 NY-Penn League Champions]. Its a fun activity to be involved with.

The recent collectables are:
Wally Backman Las Vegas Bobblehead SGA
One Brooklyn Cyclones promotional baseball bat
Two Long Island Ducks promotional giveaway lunch boxes
Two promotional baseballs with Long Island Ducks logos on them
Two baseball bats [one with no logos/markings about 30 inches and one 24 inch]
Four imitation baseball batting helmets (served with soft ice cream at the games, LOL no there was no ice cream in the helmets I received)
One 2015 Justin Davies Bobblehead [Long Island Ducks promotional giveaway]
One 2005 Buddy Harrelson Bobblehead [Long Island Ducks promotional giveaway]
One 2019 “The Face of Steeple Chase” Bobblehead [a Brooklyn Cyclones giveaway/promotional item. Look it up, there is an interesting amount of history about Coney Island, NY]
A beverage cup from the very first season of The Long Island Ducks [inaugural season 2000] with logos-season schedule on it
Two authentic Beaver Baseball bats from The Beaver Bat company [that was a wonderful purchase, my friend and I were able to tour the small shop and see where the bats were made and how they were made]
Six Ellie Rodriguez baseball cards [former major league catcher, recently signed manager of The Road Warriors, a team in The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball]
One Joe Pepitone autographed baseball card

I am invite you to partake in this discussion. I would love to here what people are doing during this pandemic. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

I wish everyone well and I hope they do well during this crisis.

2015 Justin Davies Bobblehead
2005 Buddy Harrelson Bobblehead
2004 Long Island Ducks Duffel Bag Promotional Give Away
Baseballs and Bats
Beaver Bats
2019 Face of Steeple Chase Bobblehead – Brooklyn Cyclones giveaway
Collectable Item. Lew Ford, currently hitting coach/outfielder for The Long Island Ducks had played for the Baltimore Orioles in 2012. This item is expected sometime later in the week.
2019 20th Anniversary Lunch Box promotional giveaway Long Island Ducks
Brooklyn Cyclones promotional baseball bat
Wally Backman Las Vegas 51’s Bobblehead SGA 2005

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