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Follow Up Story on Minor League Baseball

Minor league baseball teams are in jeopardy. Here’s how Congress can save them.

Now that Major League Baseball may eviscerate more than 25% of minor league teams, Congress must search for ways to protect America’s pastime.

Article by David McKinley, Max Rose, Mike Simpson and Lori Trahan Opinion contributors Jan 17 2020

This is my follow up story to what Major League Baseball is doing in recent months, especially Minor League Baseball.
The number is staggering when MLB stated that 42 clubs will be considered defunct and have their affiliation with their parent clubs.
MLB can make their claims about building conditions, travel costs and other things, when it comes to a reality – money.
While some area are really a baseball town, other have dwindled to minimum attendance. The Minor League teams have always encouraged fans to attend and have done their share of marketing and promotion of their club.
Parent club do have some responsibility in their farm systems.
It also comes down to players not being given a chance to go through the system to [hopefully] make it to the big show. Other aspects are loss of jobs, sponsorship, business’ in the area losing customers. The rippling affect goes on.
The writers in the article also included e-petitions to sign and send to congress. While not really a government issue, it just might be worth looking into.

Here is a link to the article from USA Today.

Here is a link to what Representatives Trahan and McKinley re trying to do:

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