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MLB threatens to walkaway from minor league baseball (MILB)

More news on the fate of Minor League Baseball in the United States, this is an ongoing issue throughout the Minor Leagues and it seems like things are getting a bit rougher at this point. It appears that Major League baseball is showing less and less of an interest and the fate of Minor League Baseball is lingering drastically in the air.
Could it be that MLB is paying such huge salaries they can’t afford to run the farm systems properly? If MiLB teams are closing in certain areas, where would farm system players go to train to (hopefully) make it to the big show?
Comments on this story are welcome. I would love to hear everyones person insights to what is going on.

Here is a link to the full story from The LA Times, article by Bill Shaikin, December 14, 2019.

Here is another perspective from Sports Illustrated 12/14/19, article by Jenna West:

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