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One committee’s Hall of Fame case for Thurman Munson

NY Post article by Kevin Kernan December 6, 2019

Winter sports like hockey and football are now in full swing, yet there is still a hint of baseball in the air. The New York Post brings us the latest information from the Baseball Winter Meetings, which will be held on December 8, 2019 for Modern Baseball Era ballot.
Among those names are former New York Yankee Captain Thurman Munson, who met an untimely death in August of 1979. The reasons over why he should be in The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY are many, the ballots very few.
One writer, Kevin Kernan, from The NY Post gives us this story:

Here is a list to this years candidates from The Baseball Hall of Fame. Thurman Munson will hopefully get his due notice this year.

I have had this plate of Thurman Munson for about 25 years. The baseball was thrown to me by Long Island Ducks catcher, Ramon Cabrera, coincidently on June 7, Thurman Munsons birthday.

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