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Bigger Bases and Limited Shifts: Atlantic League to Test Rule Changes By Victor Mather March 8, 2019 New York Times

In an article from the New York Times (article by Victor Mather 3/8/19), discussion of change implementations throughout the Atlantic League of Professional Ball Players and MLB. A machine to assist umpires call balls and strikes, bigger bases, pitching mound distance change, visits to the mound, faster pace of play, among other changes.
These issues implemented in the Atlantic League in conjunction with Major League Baseball will be followed throughout the 2019 baseball season.
Many baseball traditionalists find this difficult to even hear, much less see put into affect. While some changes like the pace of play are a strong and valid point, other implementations seem odd and even less likely to be accepted, even when put into affect. It is a three year trial period to run through 2021. Please feel free to read the article and comment.

article ©2019 NY Times
©2019 Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Players
©2019 Major League Baseball

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