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Atlantic League Team Line-Up Cards

I have had a fun season this year, attending Long Island Ducks baseball games. I was just looking over line-up cards I have, signed by each manager from a particular club. I have 5 of the 8 teams. Had I know earlier, I would have had at least two more. Two teams did not want to sign and give away a lineup card and I did not ask the other team. It was rather late in the year when I started asking. The Somerset Patriots and Southern Maryland Blue Crabs managers did not want to sign and give it away, stating that he uses them again for other games and The Sugar Land Skeeters had already finished playing the Ducks for the season by the time I started asking.

The Ducks are still in the running to head towards the playoffs.

You can visit the Long Island Ducks at this link: http://www.liducks



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