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2018 All-Star Game

The 2018 Atlantic League All-Star Game was fantastic. it was filled with excitement, thrills and laughter.

The Liberty Division won the game, 4-3, over the Freedom Division on a game winning hit by Alfredo Rodriguez’s RBI single in ninth inning. Pretty exciting moment, as it was the first time in 8 years the Liberty division won and even more dramatic to have won in the bottom of the ninth. For more information on the game you can go to

The Home Run Derby was as exciting as the leagues best hitters stepped up to the plate to show their home run talent.

New Britain Bees infielder launches three homers in championship round. Deibinson Romero claimed the Digmi Home Run Derby championship. For more information on each contestant in the home run derby, use this link:

Overall, it was a successful night for everyone, as the spectacular fireworks show added a perfect ending to a perfect night.20180711_17271020180711_17280920180711_17285820180711_17293320180711_17295320180711_17304020180711_17310720180711_17320420180711_17335020180711_17353820180711_17370520180711_17374720180711_17381620180711_17381820180711_17395020180711_17414920180711_17444820180711_17583120180711_18011520180711_18013520180711_18342020180711_18344120180711_18352120180711_183556


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