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Long Island Ducks All Star Summer

The summer of 2018 will hold many exciting events for many people, especially Long Island Ducks fans.

The Long Island Ducks will hold this years All Star Game. Many players from The Liberty and Freedom Divisions will appear in the game. Players can vote for their favorite players here, and tickets are still available for the event.

The All Star Game will be held on July 11, 2018 at 6:35 p.m. with the Home Run Derby prior to the game and fireworks afterwards.

The Ducks and their fans make each home game like a family orientated event, by bringing excellent baseball, between inning fan based activities and good comradery. The fan base mingles about anything Ducks, events during their day and events in The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Players. It makes for an interesting day or evening. A person going there will see  many familiar faces, as Ducks fans love being there for the national pastime. Many former Major League baseball players are currently signed throughout The Atlantic League, including the Long Island Ducks.

Anyone interested in attending a Ducks game can go to Those interested in learning more about The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Players can go to



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