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Sports Poster


2 thoughts on “Sports Poster”

  1. I’m so glad I found this post. I had spinal fusion in December 2015 spanning from T2-L3; 2 rods and 28 screws. I am now just over 5 months post-op and finally to the point of feeling well enough to begin working out at the gym again. Up until now I’ve just been waking daily and only recently reached 5 miles a day. I am beginning with a personal trainer to show me modified usage of the gym equipment to stabilize my spine and strengthen my upper body, specifically my back muscles. It’s imperitive to keep these muscles healthy as they directly affect spinal strength. There are several machines I’ll never be able to use again in addition to free weights but there are still many options that I will be able to utilize and this is my main focus. It’s a lifestyle change and acceptance of our new bodies and its ability is half the battle.

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